My name is Nicole Lunan and my purpose in this lifetime is to provide altruistic healing to others. I first fell in love with the body when I was competing gymnastics. I competed for 17 years and earned a Full-Ride Scholarship to Arizona State University. While in gymnastics, I had the pleasure to work with world-class sports psychologists, athletic trainers, and coaches.

In college, I earned a BS in Kinesiology—the study of the body in motion. I also became a Teaching Assistant for Physiology and Anatomy.  I left Arizona and decided to move to New York City to became a personal trainer. I trained clients at Crunch on 54th street and Broadway, as well as SOHO Strength Lab. 

While training my clients, I discovered how truly important the mind is, and the large impact it has on the body. Following my heart, I decided to move to Los Angeles to attend Alliant International University. I was accepted into the Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program. During the psychology program, I became trained at topics such as Social Personality, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Culture and Diversity, Motivation, Group Processes, Facilitation and Consulting, Research Methods, Ethics, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.

While in school, I was hired as an Adjunct Professor for Southern California Health Institute to teach Corrective Exercise and Physiology and Anatomy.

I first fell in love with spirituality when I was 16. While working with a Sports Psychologist, I was introduced to visualization and guided meditation. It was then that I learned the importance of being connected to oneself, the higher power, and others.  At age 21, I unearthed my ability to heal others through my life force energy. I have been practicing energy healing for 8 years by incorporating modalities Pranic, Reiki, and Christian Laying on hands. I have also followed my love for healing and earned my License as a Massage Therapist. I often combine energy work and massage to give my clients a physical and ethereal healing.

Recently, I have just arrived back in the states from my tour around South East Asia. There I participated in many conscious workshops in order to deepen my spiritual practice. 

Nicole Specializes in four Healing Modalities, Mind-Body Work, Energy Work, Massage And Life Coaching. Click to Learn More!

Make sure to check out “Mind-Body Work” as it is the most popular amongst Nicole’s clients!

“So grateful to be able to work with such amazing clients!” –Nicole Lunan


It’s not every day you run into somebody who can actually take your pain away. Nicole has a unique gift, and I have personally experienced her ability to take pain away. Nicole was able to remove my headache by placing her hands on the sides of my temples. Through her unique gift she was able to pull the negative energy out of my head and lift my headache. It was quick – all I felt were her cool hands on my head and the draining of my headache out of my head and into her fingertips, and just like that my headache was gone. It’s an alternative way to managing pain, and I am a firm believer that Nicole has a special gift to non-invasively take your pain away. Don’t question it, just be open, and let it happen, Nicole knows what she is doing and is effective.

Melissa M.
Organizational Psychologist



I had been trying to find a place to fit both my massage and energy healing needs in one session all around the LA area for a while and I'm super grateful to have found Nicole!I immediately felt at ease and very welcomed when I walked in and we had a nice conversation to help me work through some mental things followed by a great massage. 

I've gotten energy work done before but didn't feel much happening which I know can be part of it sometimes but with her I could feel energy moving up and down and to different areas of my body which was a very cool experience. 

My healing/massage search is over...thanks Nicole!

Sean G,
Healer and Coach

Nicole has a very special gift that is very unique. She has helped me tremendously to getting me back on track with my health and has strengthen my spirituality. 

I am a competitive athlete that suffered a very serious injury that ultimately led me to a near death experience. I suffered from PTSD and much fear about returning into the sport. 

With Nicole's healing, she gives you insight to the exact reason why you are feeling that feeling, whether it's something you have carried from a past life, or traumatic experience in the past. 

After each session you feel so much lighter energetically and like a new you.

I can't express enough how much I recommend her. I've worked with other healers before and it's nowhere near the same.

Celine O.
Word Class Competitve Gymnast

I absolutely love Nicole! On our first meeting, I immediately wanted to become one of her close friends! lol She has an incredibly warm spirit and is phenomenal at what she does. The Reiki/Massage is amazing, I see her weekly!!! I highly recommend Nicole and even sent out an email blast to all of my friends after my services with her so that they can join me on my healing journey!!! Love + Light,

Shamell B.
Human Rights Activist


I like a good deep tissue massage, usually Thai, every 2-4 weeks.  I am also a man of science and healthy skepticism, not ashamed to admit that Nicole's self-proclaimed title -- "Master Healer of the Mind, Body, and Spirit" -- threw me off.  It sounds pretentious.  So I went ahead thinking, "What the heck, be curious. If nothing else, maybe I'll get a good deep tissue massage."

After four sessions, I can testify:  the title fits.  This woman has a rare gift. She is completely present during the session, asking a few gentle questions to guide her healing session.  Nicole unleashed a wave of energy that I have never felt before -- a passionate feeling of peace, or bliss, or unconditional love.  I was "high" for the rest of the day.  

I talked to a friend about my experience, a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry.  She validated my experience scientifically, explaining that some medical healers have a way of enabling the body to heal itself -- whether through traditional Western medicine or Eastern medicine.  The feelings I described, said the doctor, would be an every-day, ordinary conversation in Eastern culture. She also warned that for every true healer, beware of dozens of charlatans.

Nicole is real.  Try her out for yourself.

David M.
Los Angelos Employment Lawyer


Last night was my last healing session with Nicole and she is absolutely amazing and gifted.  She have a beautiful soul with so much light and positive energy.
I been healing with Nicole for the last two months and she changed my outlook in life. Her energy and passion helped me overcome the most stressful and darkest time of my life. Thank you so much for bringing me back to life.

Rolan P.
Founder and Owner of Side Kitch