I am pleased to be a Co-Founder of Welcome Home —A Spiritual Healing Community. 



Imagine a place...

Imagine a place where the inner child can play and creativity runs wild, because the two are actually interlinked and if you provide a safe space for inner children you are also enhancing ingenuity. In this serious busy world, we rarely take the time to play, and playfulness is a silk ribbon that leads to true happiness.

Imagine a place where fear no longer exists, because fear breeds from loneliness and with our vision nobody will ever feel that they are alone, instead they will know that we are all in this together.

Imagine a place where you can safely explore spirituality and the marvelous awakening that lay near, because the earth’s vibrations have just risen causing everyone to question who they are, their connections to others, and what they believe in. People are yearning to understand themselves on the trinity levels of mind, body, and spirit;  we are called to aid them in their transcendence.

Imagine a place where a community full of culture coexists, fore we break down the arbitrary walls of disconnect and replace them with strong non-judgmental and unconditional love. 

Imagine a place where a magnitude of holistic healing exists, because we live in a society where we can no longer afford to gamble with our health and prevention is now a leading cure.

Lastly, I invite you all to imagine a place where you can go to just relax, to find comfort, to enjoy simplicity, a place of consistency, a place of growth. Imagine a place that feels like home. 

-Welcome Home



Welcome Home will be hosting monthly workshops! Visit us at WelcomeHomeCenter.com

Lunar New Year Retreat

Sunday, February 7
11:00am - 3:30pm

A handful of Los Angeles healers come together for a special Lunar Year Celebration! Special guest healers include Kathryn with a Sacred Sushi-Making luncheon included with program fee and a closing Sound Bath with Joseph and Anthony.

10am Doors Open
11am Meditation with Adiel
12pm Sushi Workshop with Kathryn
1pm The Lunar Calendar with Danny
2pm Spiritual Dance with Nicole
3pm Closing Sound Bath with Joseph + Anthony

Located at Welcome Home’s private downtown location. Address provided upon registration. Email danny@dannypugh.com for more information

Weekly Circles 


Sunday Evenings at 7 pm

Welcome Home will now be hosting free weekly gatherings on Sunday evenings. Come and enjoy our community! We will be facilitating some amazing transcendental exercises as well as hosting a circle where all of the members of our community will have the chance to "check in" with the group. Checking in meaning, we will hold space for you to express yourself and speak about how you are doing. You are not alone, we are all in this together.