Discovering Purpose

Discovering One’s Purpose, Achieving Goals, Manifesting Intentions, Attracting Abundance, Bringing Dreams into Reality, Staying Focused, Accountability, Following Passion, Creating a Game Plan.


Self- Improvement

Mindfulness training, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, improving self-worth, positive self-talk, gratitude, healthy choices, accepting and loving one’s self, shadow work, strengths and weaknesses, authenticity, relieving depression and anxiety.


Workplace Coaching

Workplace stress, work-life balance, conflict resolution, burnout, resilience, workplace relationships, strategy, game theory, job performance


Childhood Recovery

Repairing relationships with family members, Clarity on childhood trauma, letting go of the past, rediscovering your inner child, generational baggage, forgiveness and acceptance, setting boundaries.

2. Pricing and Packages
Free 15 minute consultation for first time clients***

  • $89 per 55 minutes

  • $40 per 30 minutes

  • $320 for a package of 4 coaching sessions + texting access (save 30$)***

    • Homework assignments + accountability

    • Best choice if you desire behavioral change

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