My healing sessions involve various holistic modalities that intuitively cater to each individual. Majority of my sessions will include Mind-Body Integration which will support you in dealing with the challenges in your life in a creative manner. The uniqueness of this method lies in the simultaneous integration of deep tissue and breath work, energy work  and awareness, as well as emotional expression. Mind-Body Integration involves: 

1. Deep Tissue Body Work to free up tension held in the body        

2. Emotional Work to release old memories stored in the tissue        

3. Energy Work to take the movement to a more subtle level

4. Integration to bring all the movement into the current moment.

This effective method opens up new perspectives in your life and enables you to increase your sense of well-being, your capacity to feel, your ability to consciously express yourself in all your relationships.

My approach uses the physical sensations underlying emotional processes as signal to guide verbal therapy. It resolves emotional problems holistically by working interactively and directly with the nervous system. In this way, it effectively eliminates and addresses problems that are not resolvable by the conscious mind (i.e talk therapy alone). 
Listed below are alternate healing modalities that I will intuitively incorporate in a healing session.
Price: Please Email or text/call for pricing. I have a sliding scale and I will work with you!
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Phone: 317-833-5340
My healing space is located at 3770 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. I am also Mobile. 

It is my calling to heal you.

There is beauty in that of the unseen.