Full-Ride Scholarship  via Competitive Gymnastics l Arizona State University

B.S. in Kinesiology l Arizona State University

PAC 10-All Academic l Arizona State University

Adjunct Professor for Physiology and Anatomy/Corrective Exercise l The Southern California Health Institute

3 Years of Personal Training l CRUNCH, Soho Strength Lab

4 Years of Reiki (Energy Healing) l Reiki Certified

M.A. Organizational Psychology l Alliant International University

Trained Life Coach l Alliant International University 

Leadership Training l  Alliant International University 

 Massage Therapist l South Bay Massage School



My name is Nicole Lunan and my purpose in this lifetime is to provide altruistic healing to others.


I first fell in love with the body when I was competing gymnastics. I competed for 17 years and earned a Full-Ride Scholarship to Arizona State University. While in gymnastics, I had the pleasure to work with world-class sports psychologists, athletic trainers, and coaches.

In college, I earned a BS in Kinesiology—the study of the body in motion. I also became a Teaching Assistant for Physiology and Anatomy.  I left Arizona and decided to move to New York City to became a personal trainer. I trained clients at Crunch on 54th street and Broadway, as well as SOHO Strength Lab. While training my clients, I discovered how truly important the mind is, and the large impact it has on the body. Following my heart, I decided to move to Los Angeles to attend Alliant International University. I was accepted into the Organizational Psychology Masters Program. During the psychology program, I became trained at topics such as Social Personality, Leadership and Executive Coaching, Culture and Diversity, Motivation, Group Processes, Facilitation and Consulting, Research Methods, Ethics, Spirituality, and Mindfulness.

While in school, I was hired as an Adjunct Professor for Southern California Health Institute to teach Corrective Exercise and Physiology and Anatomy.

I first fell in love with spirituality when I was 16. While working with a Sports Psychologist, I was introduced to visualization and guided meditation. It was then that I learned the importance of being connected to oneself, the higher power, and others.  At age 21, I unearthed my ability to heal others through my life force energy. I have been practicing energy healing for 4 years by incorporating modalities Pranic, Reiki, and Christian Laying on hands. I have also followed my love for healing and earned my License as a Massage Therapist. I often combine energy work and massage to give my clients a physical and ethereal healing.

Recently, I have just arrived back in the states from my tour around South East Asia. There I participated in many conscious workshops in order to deepen my spiritual practice.