It’s not every day you run into somebody who can actually take your pain away. Nicole has a unique gift, and I have personally experienced her ability to take pain away. Nicole was able to remove my headache by placing her hands on the sides of my temples. Through her unique gift she was able to pull the negative energy out of my head and lift my headache. It was quick – all I felt were her cool hands on my head and the draining of my headache out of my head and into her fingertips, and just like that my headache was gone. It’s an alternative way to managing pain, and I am a firm believer that Nicole has a special gift to non-invasively take your pain away. Don’t question it, just be open, and let it happen, Nicole knows what she is doing and is effective.

Melissa Maffei

Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program

I just want to say thank you for introducing me to meditation and feeling the spiritual energy. I have been researching Meditation today and how I can further my knowledge and meditation abilities. Its all just so awesome, and I think you might have changed my life by introducing me to it! I will definitely be spreading it to those around me! If I find someone who needs the help you provide I will send them right over to you! Btw, keep pursing your passion, you motivate me to do the same. 


Jrake Robbins

Personal Trainer 

When I first met Nicole, I was in terrible mental and emotional shape. I had just broken up with my long-time boyfriend who I thought was “the one” and my confidence was at an all-time low. Nicole began to talk things out with me, meditate with me and was able to quickly identify where I was hurting, even before I was able to identify the sources of my pain. I cried myself to sleep for so many nights before Nicole was able to connect with and heal me deep down in the darkest and most well-hidden parts of my soul. She helped me to see my worth and remember how goddess-like I truly am.

With love, 

Rebecca Bringas



Thank you again for yesterday!  I have had the most incredible 26 hours. 

I am overwhelmed with calmness, awareness and joyful anticipation. Life is so much easier when you agree with your inner voice. Thank you thank  thank you! I  had dreams without sleeping last night.

The best part is that you helped me recognise my energy. Now it is up to me to learn how to allocate this instinctive force. Our session gave me a physical sense of calmness that I have never felt before. It makes sense to me that I need to work on relaxing my mind so I can utilise my energy successfully. 


Steven Rowles

Investment management